1. Storytelling Sessions: Engaging sessions to spark children's imagination and creativity through storytelling.
2. Short Story Competitions: Competitions encouraging children to write and share short stories related to entrepreneurship and innovation.
3. Bible Stories on Business: Discussions and reflections on biblical stories with lessons applicable to entrepreneurship and business.

1. Engage in painting workshops using various techniques such as watercolor, acrylic, and finger painting.
2. Explore collage-making workshops integrating different materials like magazines, fabric scraps, and buttons.
3. Participate in drawing classes focusing on sketching, shading, and perspective drawing.
4. Embark on mixed-media projects combining different art mediums such as painting, drawing, and collage to foster creativity and artistic expression.
5. Experience sensorial exploration using materials like sensory bins, textured fabrics, and natural objects.

1. Participate in practical life skills workshops teaching tasks such as pouring, sorting, and buttoning.
2. Engage in language development activities including phonics games and letter tracing.
3. Explore mathematics activities focusing on counting, sorting, and pattern recognition using manipulatives.
4. Embrace cultural exploration sessions introducing different countries, languages, and cuisines through books, music, and art.
5. Dive into DIY crafts workshops where children make their own toys, jewelry, or home decorations and shoe making using a variety of materials.
6. Participate in invention challenges prompting them to design and build contraptions to solve specific problems.

1. Attend skill-sharing sessions where children teach each other new techniques and share tips and tricks for making and tinkering, fostering a community of learning and collaboration.
2. Participate in industrial tours to local industries to learn about real-world business operations and processes.
3. Screen educational documentaries exploring various topics related to innovation, entrepreneurship, and business.
4. Attend informative sessions covering various topics related to business, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
5. Explore stories and profiles of young entrepreneurs who started businesses at a young age.

1. Participate in robotics workshops utilizing LEGO Mindstorms or similar kits, along with coding classes introducing programming languages like Scratch or Python.
2. Tackle engineering challenges by building bridges, towers, or catapults using everyday materials and conducting science experiments to explore concepts such as chemical reactions, electricity, and simple machines.
3. Engage in technology exploration sessions, interacting with gadgets like 3D printers, virtual reality headsets, or microscopes, to deepen understanding and encourage innovative thinking.
4. Dive into art and science fusion projects such as creating kinetic sculptures, LED artwork, or solar-powered gadgets, and tackle engineering design challenges to solve real-world problems using principles from science, technology, engineering, art, and math.
5. Engage in nature-inspired STEAM activities like building birdhouses, creating natural dyes, or designing eco-friendly inventions, and explore creative coding projects combining art and programming to make interactive digital art or animations.
6. Showcase projects and inventions in STEAM exhibitions, allowing children to present their ideas and solutions to peers and parents, fostering collaboration and innovation.

1. Explore entrepreneurship workshops teaching children about product development, marketing, and selling handmade goods.
2. Engage in collaborative projects promoting teamwork and creativity.
3. Business Competitions: Interactive competitions encouraging children to develop and present their business ideas.
4. Debate sessions allowing children to discuss and analyze business-related topics
5. Opportunity works to enable children to identify business challenges and solutions

1. Get Rich Rules and wealth-building principles.
2. Money management,
3. Budgeting
4. Saving
5. Investment

Self-Awareness Workshops: Workshops focusing on personal development, self-discovery, and building confidence.
J. Other activities
1. HIV/AIDS training, counseling, and testing.
2. Water, sanitation, and hygiene training.
3. Health and dental screening.
4. Aerobics.