Is your child bursting with brilliant ideas?

They do not have to wait for retirement, empower children to start businesses at an early age .

Ideation Jungle

Why Ideation Jungle?

At Ideation Jungle Africa, we're not just dreaming of a better tomorrow; we're building it, one young entrepreneur at a time. Our mission is to cultivate a future where creativity, innovation, and leadership flourish from the earliest stages of life, empowering young stars aged 3 to 15 to become the business leaders of tomorrow

Activities for


Storytelling & Artistic Expression: We spark imagination through storytelling sessions, art workshops, and invention challenges.

Skills Development & Cultural Exploration: Children develop practical life skills, explore different cultures, and participate in exciting DIY workshops.

Learning & Business Exploration: We offer informative sessions, educational documentaries, and opportunities to learn from young entrepreneurs.

Science-Based Innovation: Our robotics workshops, engineering challenges, and STEAM activities encourage children to think creatively and solve real-world problems.

Our Programs

$ 49.99

Basic Robotics

5.0 (2k reviews)

$ 49.99

Coding Adventures

5.0 (2k reviews)

$ 49.99


5.0 (2k reviews)


& Blog

Here, we share stories of young entrepreneurs making waves, tips for nurturing entrepreneurial skills in children, and reflections on the journey of building a brighter future through creativity and leadership.

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